Why Transpersonal Numerology?

Based on numerology and sacred geometry, Transpersonal Numerology is a unique personal and spiritual growth tool based on a person’s birth date. It is a simple, yet remarkably accurate and insightful means of understanding who we are and the nature of our personal software.

There is no judgement involved in this technique, and the information shared is for you to take, or leave as you see fit. The benefit of getting to learn more about yourself and your internal processes, is that you are better able to shape your external reality.

How does Transpersonal Numerology work?

Transpersonal Numerology offers an in-depth analysis of your personality. It helps you better understand who you are, and your role in terms of personal and business relationships and choices.

By analysing two or more charts at the same time, we are also able to gain greater insight into your relationships. This process enables us to identify rewards and challenges of the relationship in question, as well as soul and karmic links between individuals.

Transpersonal Numerology includes the analysis of our shadow numbers or submerged characteristics. This gives us a greater understanding of the duality of our nature – the opposite polarities of our personality – and how the dynamic tension created between such opposites can influence our life experience and spiritual growth. For instance, we only know day by having night, or hot by having cold. Similarly, each number in your chart has two sides or polarities, which we tend to swing between during our life’s journey, and slowly learn which ones are appropriate to use, at what times. It is important to view these as opposites and not to see one as being better than the other. Suppression of any part of who are, can eventually come out in exaggerated ways and can be very destructive.

“Your numerical imprint defined you at the moment of your birth and in many ways, it is like an internal computer programme that has been installed. You may, for example, like the programme “Word”, but how you use it may differ greatly from how others with the same programme use it. Your Transpersonal Numerology chart describes your personal programme – what is inside all those windows and toolboxes – and which ones you decide to use or not, is where your free will comes in.”
Richard Higgins

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