Psychic Readings

Why psychic readings?

Receive insights and messages from spiritual guides, angels and light beings relating to your current questions, concerns, and issues. Receive the guidance needed to help shift your perspective and move forward with a clearer direction and the potential for greater personal growth.

The following tools are used and combined, depending what is needed during your session. Each reading is unique to you, what you need to hear at that time, and how it needs to be communicated to you.

How does psychic readings work?


During a reading, I will be guided to work with angel cards, oracle cards, and/or tarot, depending on the message and information that needs to be conveyed. Sometimes it is necessary to pair different decks of cards together for extra guidance or to gain deeper insight regarding a specific situation or concern. In some instances, no cards are needed at all.


Antaneea Infinity Keys are light-filled, sacred geometric shapes which open direct communication with your soul. They allow you to identify the issues that hamper your development and growth and offers guidance on how to shift and clear the dynamic.
After a 9-card reading, the “challenge” key selected is drawn on the body, helping unlock the door to unlimited possibilities. Tapping movements are used to increase energy flow and accelerates the ascension process.
These keys bring about profound and supportive change, reminding you of your absolute truth and ultimate potential and guiding you to master the experiences that have inhibited your growth.


Through a guided meditation, you are asked to choose 9 colour bottles from a selection of oils and sprays. The bottles you choose will give greater insight into your present state of being.
During the reading, we will focus on your current physical, emotional and mental state and look at how best to shift any negative energy, and work through any issues that need to be released, so that you are better able to focus on your true potential and soul path.

Two oils and/or sprays will be selected to take with you to continue your healing journey at home. A detailed report will also be emailed to you after the session, which you can refer to when needed.

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