Why Family Constellations?

Family Constellations aims to release and resolve issues within and between people by revealing a previously unrecognised systemic dynamic.

The healing takes place between you and your soul. The healing session works at a pace that is comfortable for you; the knowing Field provides the healing context, those represented provide feedback and the healer merely guides the process.

• Unresolved family problems and entanglements
• The feeling of not belonging or that something is missing
• Career issues
• Illnesses and disease
• Depression and anxiety
• Addictions
• Effects of abuse
• Couple issues
• Friendship and relationship difficulties
• Trans-generational healing – releasing ancestors’ fates and traumas

How does family constellations work?

First, we identify any issues that you might like to address during the session as well as other important information about your family and family origin.

During the therapy you get to choose an item(s) (I like to work with semi-precious stones) to represent certain members of your family, work colleagues, friends or people who are connected to the issue being addressed. This item(s) is then placed in, what we refer to as, the morphogenic field. The positioning of the item(s) is never wrong, and each position can already start to reveal the relationship between individuals and what might need to be addressed.
Sometimes the healer will assist with the choice, as, in certain instances, it might be best for you to remain unaware of who is being represented so the true “story” can emerge. Abstract concepts such as fear, anger, and loneliness as well as houses, countries, leaders and so on, can be represented, depending on how the constellation is steered by the Field.

As a healer, it is important to trust and let the Field guide the process. You are very much part of the process and will be asked your experience and feelings of what is being presented in front of you. Once the information has been received about the “picture” of the family soul or situation through observation and feedback, re-ordering can begin. Healing statements might be needed before movement or re-positioning can occur. These are intuitively sensed by the healer and are unique to you.

Even subtle movements can have a profound effect – there is no formulae, and every constellation will be totally unique in how it unfolds. Appropriate re-positioning can often bring a sigh of relief or a tearful, emotional release. Family Constellations does not only have a healing effect on you, but also on the family members or people that you have brought into the Field during the session. No constellation ever finishes, the healing continues to take place once the process has been set in motion.

Not all constellations reach a resolution. Sometimes deep patterns, strong loyalties and family secrets can cause the energy to remain “stuck” and further sessions might be necessary.

” The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate.” Bert Hellinger

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