energy healing

Release stress, tension and all negative emotion and patterns with this gentle yet transformational colour therapy treatment.

Specially blended coloured oils are applied to the body in a three-stage loving and healing ritual. This colour therapy treatment is all about releasing what no longer serves you by healing the physical, emotional and spiritual parts of self. Sound is used to promote harmony from within, balancing the chakras and calming the mind, and pressure is applied to the ears, re-connecting you to your true self.

Why energy healing therapy?

To better understand how this colour therapy treatment works, we first need to understand that each cell in the body is made up of light, which resonates at a certain frequency. The frequencies vary depending on the energetic and emotional state of being. They vibrate at different rates and resonate to specific colours. If any of the energy centres are imbalanced, we are not properly in tune. This is what creates emotional disease, and if not dealt with, will eventually cause physical disease.

Colour therapy using the Antaneea Technique combines coloured oils, sound and symbols to restore balance within the cells and the energy centres of the body.

How does this energy healing therapy treatment work?

First, we work on aligning the physical body. Seven of the coloured oils are applied to the different energy centres. During this process, the body is read to identify where stored memories of past hurts or traumas are held. We then work together to release them, thereby stopping the repetitive cycles which keep attracting more of the same lesson.

A further 7 oils are then lovingly applied to the body to encourage emotional stability, followed by the application of 13 coloured oils to align you to your divine potential.

Colour can be seen and therefore balances the outer reality that supports us. This relates to our jobs, relationships and interaction with others. Sound does the same to the inner emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives, teaching you to trust your feelings and perceptions. In order to balance both the inner and outer sides of life, sound tools are used over the body during the treatment. A different sound is use for each chakra and can truly be felt within the cells. Your cells vibrate and become alive as they absorb the tones.

The use of touch, colour therapy and sound therapy in this treatment resonates directly with your DNA. This transformational treatment brings about deep relaxation and peace. Slowly and with ease, you begin the journey back to feeling the joy of being alive and finding your true soul path.

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