Reiki energy healing is an ancient hand-on healing method which calms the mind and raises the life force energy in the body, helping dissolve blockages to promote health, abundance and wellbeing.

Why Reiki energy healing?

The purpose of Reiki energy healing is to create balance within ourselves and in our lives. It is a profound healing experience which works on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical, cleansing and balancing the body’s energies and liberating us from long held, limiting beliefs, which, in turn, help prevent disease.

How does Reiki energy healing work?

Unlimited energy is harnessed from the universe and channelled through the healer to balance and unblock the energy centres or chakras in the body. This, in turn, balances the organs associated with these centres, allowing the energy to flow freely through the body for physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Energy is transferred from healer to client through the placement of hands. You remain fulling clothed throughout the treatment. Sensations can be experienced, which differ from person to person – some experience a tingling or intense feeling of warmth, while others feel the waves of energy transfer or a deep sense of relaxation. Messages and insights are shared after the session to provide guidance and create awareness of what needs to be addressed and changed.


The energy that runs through the body is stored and boosted around the body by “substations” the same way as electricity is piped around the country. These stations or energy centres are called chakras. There are 7 chakras situated inside of the body and an additional 5 that are positioned above and below us.

The crown chakra

AIR – ULTRAVIOLET, GOLD AND WHITE – This chakra is opened to the flow of universal energy from above. It is situated in the crown of the head and governs the pineal gland.
Responsible for: spirituality, bliss, universal energy and enlightenment.

The third eye chakra

AIR – INDIGO – This chakra helps us see the real world. It is situated in the middle of the forehead between the eyes and governs the pituitary gland. The opening of this chakra allows us to see the truth and to see all things clearly.
Responsible for: intuition, perception, imagination, wisdom, decision making and clairvoyance.

The throat chakra

AIR- BLUE – This chakra helps us be able to express ourselves. It is situated on the upper spine below the skull and governs the thyroid gland. Blockages of this chakra cause stiff necks, sore throats, headaches and tight shoulders.
Responsible for: communication, honesty, faith and artistic expression and enlightenment.

The heart chakra

AIR – GREEN – This chakra controls our love and governs the thymus gland. This is the most important chakra of the body, as unconditional love is the final healing of the whole body. Lack of love leads to a broken heart. We also cannot hold love for others if we don’t hold love for ourselves.
Responsible for: love, emotional freedom, compassion, empathy, social relationships, where physical and spiritual meet, opportunities, possibilities, space and direction.

The solar plexus chakra

FIRE – YELLOW – This chakra is the “fire” source of the body and governs the pineal gland. The very important organs that give us our “food” source are controlled here – the stomach, liver, spleen and gall bladder. This chakra is the storehouse of emotions, anger, fear and day-to-day issues. Clearing of this area leads to better understanding, peace and forgiveness.
Responsible for: personal power, self-esteem, confidence, courage and joy.

The sacral chakra

WATER – ORANGE – This chakra is the “water” source of the body and governs the gonads (sexual organs). It is situated in the lower abdomen which houses the intestines, the bladder and waste factory of our body. It controls our compassion, our relationships, and freedom to express ourselves.
Responsible for: pleasure, desire, creativity, abundance, emotional balance, sexuality, letting go, independence and seeing the gift in every lesson.

The root chakra

EARTH – RED – This chakra is our “earth” chakra, located in the base of the spine and governs the adrenal glands. This is our energy centre of perfection and purity. We store old resentment and pain here. Blockages here stop the free flow through the whole spine and thus through the limbs.
Responsible for: feeling grounded, financial independence, security, basic survival, deservability, passion, vitality, energy and stability.


• Gratitude
• No worry
• No anger
• Be honest and true to self
• Be kind and respectful to all

“The best methods are those which help the life energy to resume its inner work of healing.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

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