Why Angel Healing Therapy?

Angels are all around us. They are here to support us and help us live a life of love and light. All we need to do is ask for their guidance and support and learn to become more aware of their signs and messages.

As healers, we work in close communion with the angelic realm. They are invited to anchor the light into our healing space and are asked to guide and support us during each session. We always thank them for their healing support with immense gratitude and love.

Although we always work with angels, guides, ascended masters and light beings, there are certain therapies specifically designed to invoke the healing power of the angels around you.

How does Angel Healing Therapy work?


Pick 7 angelic cards and receive messages and support from the angels. Each angel you select is chosen to support a specific chakra in your body.

As you relax on the treatment bed, the angels chosen are invoked into the healing space and asked to provide the support you need in order to release, clear, inspire and uplift. The body is then gently anointed with Angelic oils, which are linked to the cards chosen and applied according to the chakra presented.

This treatment invites beautiful angelic healing energy into your space, leaving you feeling light, uplifted, loved, and supported.


If you are ready to take your healing journey to a whole new level, then this treatment is for you.

Choose an ascension pathway from a selection of 12 amazing holograms and receive a special message just for you.

During the session, every part of your body is lightly stroked with huge brushes – this feels like a kiss from the angels which awakes every fibre of your being. The body is then anointed with Angelic oils weaving a web of light onto and around the body while angelic tones complete the process.

This is the most sacred process – a precious healing gifted from the angels. Your ascension pathway mandala will be given to you at the end of the session to take home with you, colour in, and work with.