Access Body Processes are gentle, hands-on touch techniques to reactivate natural energies that already exist in our bodies. Different hand placements on various positions on the body are used to help facilitate the body back into its original functions, which assist with the repairing and longevity of the body.

How do Access Body Processes Work?

Your body can regenerate and heal itself and these processes help wake up this innate ability with ease. Each process helps the body to function optimally in its own unique way.

How does access body processes work?

Gentle touch is applied to different positions on the body depending on the Access Body Process being run. Each session is different as you and your body are different each time. It is common to experience tingling and/or warmth during the treatment. Some people drop into a quiet, meditative state of peace and calm or fall asleep, while others have more active minds and might see colours, images or memories, which can be discussed during or after the treatment. You remain fully clothed during the session. The healer’s role is to facilitate, listen, follow the energy and invite you and your body to a different possibility. Nothing during the session can be forced or controlled without you and your body accepting the process. It is all about choice – you take what you need and decide what you want to change. Before starting the session, it is important for you to let go of any expectation, projection and results to be able to receive the most benefit from the energy at play for both you and your body.
Access Body Processes should be repeated often to make lasting change. Access Consciousness founder, Gary Douglas, reckons that after 20 repeats, the body holds the new form or way of being. Frequency of treatments is entirely up to what your body needs, which can be daily, weekly or monthly.


MTVSS – used to ease and heal malfunctions in different systems of the body, build the immune system or help you get the results of a 90-minute workout in only 20 minutes.
Cellular memory – used to undo the effects of trauma, recent or old, and scar tissue in the body.
Zero sum of trauma – used to undo the energy of trauma that is stuck in the body from accidents, operations or any shock or trauma.
Biomimetic mimicry – used to release the changes we have created in our lives and our bodies from mimicking others rather than making our own choice.
Lymphatic and glandular – working with the lymph and glandular system to support flow in your body and in your life.
DMMD – used to rearrange the molecules that make up any matter. This can help heal unhealthy tissue in the body as well as purify food and beverages.
Molecular de-manifestation – used to uncreate cells that already exist, such as infection in the body or excess fat cells.
Joy of embodiment – used to help release trauma, drama, judgement, unhappiness and lack of joy with yourself and your body, which has been held in the memory of your cells and keeps on resurfacing.
The square root of minus one – allows the body to dynamically overcome what are considered to be normal human diseases. This can also support the immune system, can be used for insomnia and can help pain, arthritis and joint issues.

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